Youth 2007
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Well, 2007 was the year when the oldest of our youth group finally turned 20. Are we going to let them escape and join the adult church? Frankly, no. Did we let them be adults when they turned 18? The jury is still out on whether we are prepared to let them go at 21 or 25!

In the meantime, it was great to be able to go down to Poole at the beginning of the year to see an ex-member (OK, we still haven't let her go properly either!) getting baptised. A whole group of us slept in the church the night before (and woke the neighbours up by playing rugby at 2am - whoops!), and then got to see Georgie and two of her friends getting baptised. That, and a great welcome from Longfleet Baptist made a great weekend.

Since then we have seen the youth get really involved in our mission week in July, which was good fun but lots of hard work. Later in the summer we went to Greenbelt again (photos elsewhere on the site) and come October we started to see the first ones off to Universities and colleges all over southern England. We're missing you guys!

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