Fort Rocky 2011
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The guys in years 7 & 8 headed off in early September for a 'Youth for Christ' weekend called 'Fort Rocky' which involved loads of activities - some very scary, others very muddy, some great teaching at the roadshows, tasty food, slightly lumpy beds, lots of racing around in the woods etc. The theme of the weekend was 'Journey' and we all found the leaders testimonies about 'how God rocked their world' really inspiring as we thought about our own journeys with God. Saturday night was time to dress up as what we wanted to be when we grow up. I think we were all agreed that Tim stole the show with his 'Lollipop Man' costume - Not sure you could say the same for his dancing though! Comments from the youth included: "Fort rocky was a great experience. It was fantastic to be around people that believed the same as you". " I loved The Cube" "The theme was journey and the weekend definitely took us all on an amazing journey". "We got very muddy, one of us got really muddy when we went across a balance beam and fell in". "It was fun but it was life changing too", "Over all fort rocky was brilliant!!!"

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