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Baptist Pastors are encouraged to take a sabbatical of up to three months every seven years. This is a time away from the normal situations and pressures inevitable in their normal work. It provides an occasion to spend a more extended period listening to God, learning, or exploring new areas.

Our Pastor, Andrew Jones, was in Albania for four weeks just before Christmas '07. This was the first third of his long overdue sabbatical (it took so long to arrange that the deacons will shortly be requiring an update on preparations for the next one!).

Over the next few pages the photos have grouped by theme. Most were taken in and around Tirana, where Andrew spent most of his time. There are also a few from a short trip that Andrew too to the south of the country.

Andrew spent a month after Christmas in study while staying in the Cotswolds, and then the final part of the sabbatical was in June and July, when he returned to Albania.


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