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This is a personal selection of links that you may find useful or amusing:

Delight your eyes and ears with THE MIDDLE LAZERS' WEB SITE!!!

Church Links:

Penge Baptist Church

Our parent organization is the London Baptist Association

The Baptist Youth Website

The Anabaptist Network hold meetings at Avenue a couple of times a year.


The Messenger Choir is the one to see.

The music of Delirious is highly recommended.

Worth checking out is a band from the south coast - The Asher Band

There are many Christian song resources on the web. Why not try this

Justice and Peace:

The site of the Baptist Peace Fellowship is here

The Sojourners web site is at www.sojo.net

The Tear Fund Trade Justice site can be found here

We are pleased to support the work of Open Doors, particularly Underground

A must see is the Make Poverty History site.

For many years we have been pleased to help Fegans in their work with children and families

There is a campaign for a moratorium on the death penalty in Texas here, and you should also check out the Last Request animation (there are also some more lighthearted animations on the same site)

Pax Christi and CAAT have been recommended by one of our members


The Soul In The City and Greenbelt websites

A large bi-annual prayer event is run by Festival of Life

This is the Spring Harvest site

Christian Resources:

Take a look at the Baptist Union of Great Britain Home Mission magazine.

A little inspiration can go a long way. The Inspire magazine. Be inspired.

The Rejesus site has lots of information for those 'just looking'

A searchable copy of the Bible in various translations is at The Bible Gateway

There is a directory of Biblical locations at Bible Places

Random Stuff (not for the easily offended!):

An often funny, and sometimes challenging site is at Ship of Fools

We hope you enjoy them.


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