Who We Are
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We are a Baptist Church, a member of the London Baptist Association. The congregation has around 50 adults and 25 children and youth. The church was founded just over 100 years ago, at the time this area was being built up. All the congregation live quite close to the church, and we feel that we live and worship in Beckenham not by accident, but because God wants us to be here.


Sunday School Picnic


We believe that God's Son, Jesus came to show us the ONLY way to get ourselves straight with God, and to show us exactly how to live our lives. He did this not by giving us a great list of rules, but by living a perfect life himself.

No-one can say that they have been tempted more than Jesus was, yet amazingly he did no wrong, but instead offered himself up to die to make up for our sin.

However long you have been a Christian, that is still stunning. We would love to tell you some more, so do get in touch.


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